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[Cover Request] The Crystal

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I made this poster from Ur photos, please give me ur honest opinion about this. Please follow the rules and good luck for Ur story.


[Cover Request] Gloomy

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cover-705 copy 2

Poster for Today “Gloomy”, hurt-romance plot by Clarissa Hwang. Hope u enjoy my edits and good luck for Ur story. Give me ur honest opinion about this poster and as always like-comment-take-credit. 😉


[Cover Request] Poison Flower

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COVER-672-POISON V1 with effects

original version/without effects: COVER-672-POISON V1 original

another version:

COVER-672-POISON V2 with effects

original version/without effects:

COVER-672-POISON V2 original

Hi, this is Hyema. I just back from hospital. Sorry, for not update and always late. hehe Okay, this poster i made for cherrybom_72. The author of Poison Flower, u can check her story @asianfanfics, Here’s the link to the storyI love her story and I recommend you to read it.

Finish it at midnight, haha. Have 2 version of this request. For every version, i upload original version/without effects and with effects. I hope u enjoy my blending and effects. As always like-comment-take-credit. Good luck for Ur story. Feel free to request with Hye in next time. See you^^

[Cover Request] Painfully

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Before after buat cover ini bener-bener beda sekali, agak shock juga, pengen buat apa-jadinya apa, haha tapi overall semoga sesuai dengan expectasimu  ya saeng, makasih udah request disini lagi. As always, like-comment-take-credit. Sukses buat FFnya.

[Cover Request] Hidden Truth


Annyeong saeng, maaf banget ini poster bener2 terlambat. Koneksi internetnya lambat sekali jadi hye dari kemarin gak bisa upload. Oke, sebagai permintaan maaf hye, hye buat 3 versi buat kamu. Hope U enjoy it and good luck for Ur story.

Another version: Read the rest of this entry

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