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[Cover Request] The Crystal

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I made this poster from Ur photos, please give me ur honest opinion about this. Please follow the rules and good luck for Ur story.


[Cover Request] Secret Mission

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Bonus: Dark version


So i use my last data for upload this poster. I’ll be back after Ied, hopefully i get THR from my uncle and aunt so i can buy data for UP next poster. Damn, i lost my signal again when i want to UP this post. So, just give me ur honest opinion about this poster and hopefully this poster enough to describe Ur story. Good luck and follow the rules.

[Cover Request] The Broken Romeo

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Sorry for late post (again), after mudik, i dont have enough data for connect to internet and always lost signal. Now, this poster for Saphira. Hope u enjoy. Good luck for your story and always follow the rules.

Diproteksi: [Cover Request] Impossible

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Konten ini diproteksi dengan password. Untuk melihatnya cukup masukkan password Anda di bawah ini:

[Cover Request] Red Lady

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cover-706 3

Hi dear, i think u can say this is fancy-gloomy? haha not dark but brown-red. Hope u enjoy this. As always like-comment-take-credit. Good luck for ur story^^

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